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What is Relatebase?

Relatebase is a way to organize data, and a community of the people who organize it. It allows you to effectively manage your company data on your own terms, and open channels of communications for that data for others.

Truly Relational Databases!  RelateBase's main feature is the ability to set up complex tables, then tie them together in ways that simplify managing that data. For more, check out our resources section.

How do I get started?

Click on the New Accounts link in the upper lefthand corner. We're confident you'll find us intuitive to work with, so we want to give you a brief overview of our services first. You'll be surprised what you're able to do!

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How much does RelateBase Cost?

The cost per month is $24.99. You also have access to a shopping cart and support for displaying products and information on the Web. The trial period is 45 days, and we will contact you during your trial period before we ever debit your credit card.

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A Great Resource for Web Developers

Relatebase began as a solution for Web Developers. We understand the complexity of your work; we do it ourselves! We also realize the apparent tradeoff that is always present; the more powerful the solution, the less control you have over customizing one aspect, typically the appearance of the solution. However, with RelateBase's innovative solutions, all that is about to change.


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